Posh Student Pasta Dish

Don't pay a "Penne" more for our Posh Student Pasta dish😉, it's an easy one to make when you’re in a rush. Best of all its completely vegan and gluten free. How good is that?

Yes we are aware it's fusilli but it seems we have an Impasta.


160g of @dovesfarm Penne Pasta (available at foodsake)
2 Onions
3 Cloves of Garlic
Sun Dried Tomatoes (chopped) and some of the oil
150 ml of @oatly Single Cream
Lots of Basil
Salt and pepper to season.

1. Finely diced and Sautee both onions until translucent and season.

2. Next add in the garlic and fry

3. Add stir in the chopped tomatoes and single cream

4. Finely chop basil and throw that into the mix

5. The pasta should be cooked by now so give it a drain and give it a toss with the cream mix so all the flavours can mingle.

6. Finally taste to check for seasoning and enjoy!

@dovesfarm range of pastas is available on our website! ☺️

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