This easy to make vegan burger will literally spice up your life especially with everything going on at the moment! 

Follow the step below so you can't go wrong!


Feel free to have a play with the ingredients, its your burger, you decide!


  1. To make the burger buns, follow the instructions for the Rana Bakery Supersour Dough Bread mix and instead of making one big loaf, make small dough balls like below!  We made 3, but could easily do 6 if your food-gal! (Sorry)😂😂😅

  2. Bake and then leave to cool for a bit!

  3. Next, make the burger. Again follow the instructions on the burger mix. It explains it better than I do..... 😂😂

  4. For the Sweet Potato Chips - Quarter the potatoes length ways and cover in a couple of table spoons of olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

  5. wack it in the open until slightly charred and are full cooked through. Took about 20 Minutes for us at 180 Degrees.

  6. Build your burger - Slice the buns in half and add a good dollop of Ketchup and Mayo to your base. Add the burger, lettuce, tomato and extra suace or mayo. Again go crazy and do what you like its your burger!

  7. Add the chips a bit of extra ketchup on the side!

  8. Now for the most important bit, EAT IT AND ENJOY!!!


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