Sharing the limelight: Shores of Africa

@foodsake_ is all about working with lots of different independent companies across the country and helping to bring a little bit more awareness about them. So we decided to share the limelight with Shores of Africa! We've been in touch with Alero since day one and have always enjoyed catching up with her now and again. Here is a little bit more about Alero and her company Shore of Africa!


"A UK based food discovery company founded by siblings who share a passion for food.

Shola and Alero spent their formative years in Nigeria, as young kids, growing up in the diverse city called Lagos, was fun! there was not a dull moment; from street parties to the street foods sold on the busy streets.

We ate snacks our Mum would order for parties she threw, snacks we enjoyed. This inspired us to produce quality African (old-school) finger food snacks that are also suitable for people with special dietary needs.

Shores of Africa aim to create products that are suitable also suitable for people with special dietary needs."

Thanks Alero, for a very insightful post and can't wait to stock your products soon! ☺️

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