Our collaboration with NADA Zero Waste

We at Foodsake have decided that building a community is one of our focal points. So part of our blogs will be visiting our lovely suppliers and letting you, our lovely community see what, where, who and how your tasty food ends up in your cupboards!

So we decided to take a trip to Leicester to meet Lauren and take a look around her shop. We also decided to bring our friend along to play customer and see what the shop really offered, both Lauren and Tiernan were so welcoming, helpful and the food/products were of great quality! The atmosphere in the shop felt unique and personal (to be honest the experience actually put a smile on my face which is rare from a shop!). 

The shop is situated in a lovely arcade with cobbled paths, surrounded by small restaurants and cafes. So, if you are ever in or near Leicester please do take a look around their lovely shop!


We're not only passionate about freefrom products, but also freefrom waste. We have partnered up with NADA Zero Waste Leicester to tackle the ever growing problem of plastic waste. 

Finally we delighted to stock some of NADA's brilliant products, so go and take mooch!

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