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Hey how's it going,

Unfortunately, Soup Kitchen still isn't running so we’ve decided to do something different.

Last Friday we made the decision to donate some of our stock to our local foodbank John Storer house here in Loughborough! We've heard many reports about people stock piling in this current situation. People have now turned to the freefrom isle to be able to meet their needs. We spoke to Niki, one of the volunteers who assured us that our freefrom product would go to the people who need it, i.e. people with Coeliac Disease or for other conditions. We ask people to consider the impact of buying freefrom products to those who actually need it and the fact they do not have a choice in the food they can eat. We should also consider that not many people can afford to stock pile especial now due to the current economic downturn, if you have excess food that’s sitting in the back of the cupboard or food you know you're not going to eat please donate it to your local foodbank. A little does go a long way.

Please continue to support your local foodbanks/charities and also Coeliac UK for all the support and advice they are currently giving. Coeliac UK have setup a dedicated Coronavirus HUB (Link available on our page) which has all sort of information including health risks for people with coeliac disease and to make sure you can still get access to gluten free food.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend so far and is staying all safe and well.

All links are provided below, but feel free to DM us on here if you have any question, fancy a chat or advice. Will try out best to help you guys out!

Thanks for all the support,

Foodsake Squad.

John Storer House:

Coeliac UK:


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