LSU Action - Soup Kitchen - Donation!

As a student here at Loughborough University I like to take advantage of all the actives the Union provides. The union have a section called Action which allows student to give up their time from there busy schedule to volunteer in all sorts of activities. This can be anything from going to an alpaca farm, tea talks and soup Kitchen. This year I am one of two project leaders for soup Kitchen.  



Every Sunday approximately 5-6 students from all backgrounds and courses meet up and participate in soup kitchen. 

It is my responsibility to come up with different recipe ideas for mains and desserts and serve this to people who are in need. We have many people who come to soup and we try to provide a service which hopefully makes them feel like they're in a of place happiness and comfort. At the end of each soup kitchen we have a traditional selfie with all the students that participated.  


So why am I blogging about this on Foodsake?! 

Well, we have decided that any of our stock that has past it's sale by date will be donated to soup kitchen. This will not only prevent food waste, but it will also go towards a good cause. It's a win win!