Coeliac UK - International Food Festival

On the 6th October myself and Nafees went to meet the Coeliac UK Leicester. We wanted to get to know the community more and to show our faces to the group as well. 

We sat down and listened to the fascinating travelling stories from a selection of members, we also tried some of the tasty dishes which were related to their travelling stories. We also stood up and spoke about Foodsake! The group were extremely welcoming and made us feel very comfortable from the get go. I never thought I would feel so comfortable and am very appreciative of their lovely hospitality.


On our drive home myself and Nafees reflected on the meeting, coming to the conclusion  that we really do want to help the community! Well we wanted to do that from the beginning, but the more genuine and great people that we meet, makes are that much more driven to offer a service that the community deserves.


The meet up definitely had a family feel and I love how inclusive everybody was. So,  thank you so much from myself and Nafees. We look forward to meeting you all again and next time bringing some food for everyone!


Side note: A suggestion at the meeting was made about black bean sauce I believe. Well, we have found a great company that will supply us with not only black bean sauce but many more great sauces!

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To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Coeliac UK we have decided to hold an event with an international flavour.

We’re planning to meet to exchange experiences and ideas about our gluten-free holiday food. We plan to give everyone who would like to contribute a five minute slot to describe what the GF food was like at their holiday destination – the availability, choice, variety, anything you can tell us, and share with others about your experiences of eating out away from home. Good times or horror stories all welcome!
Perhaps you took a resort holiday, a cruise, a flight – from exotic destinations to quick city breaks, ski resorts to sunny beaches. If you’ve stayed in the UK, we’d still like to hear about places closer to home.

We already hope to have contributions about the language cards available from Coeliac UK, experiences from the Falkland Islands, and buying a live salmon and curing it in the south of Spain!
It would be great if you could bring a sample of a dish from your chosen country for everyone to try – then we should have a good range of food to get those taste buds going.
If you haven’t been anywhere of late, then come and find out about the destinations which are on your wish list for the future.